For The Courts

Reformers Unanimous provides several alternatives for civil servants or legal professionals wanting effective options for offenders. In addition to the weekly Reformers Unanimous Outpatient Program we offer the Reformers Unanimous Plus program and Residential Treatment program.

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What is the Reformers Unanimous Outpatient Program? The Reformers Unanimous Outpatient Program is a weekly addictions program with over 700 chapters in the United States and in several foreign countries. It is experiencing unparalleled success in changing the lives of the addicted. More than 80{a9c10fb9a3317996ac3f3e40ea1dfa11512008eb25a5a4a8b993ce5499dc2b4a} of students who complete the Reformers Unanimous curriculum never return to their addiction.

Reformers Unanimous is a faith-based program that focuses on reforming behavior by transforming our thought processes according to spiritual principles. Since the concepts of Reformer Unanimous are faith-based, the student has a life-time support system when integrated into a local church in his community.

The Reformers Unanimous Outpatient Program goes beyond weekly meetings. Students are assigned challenges to complete outside of class. Students are h4ly encouraged to attend our multiple meetings/services. A challenge leader is available to the student at all times for questions, support, and encouragement. Our goal is to equip each student with all the tools necessary for them to be totally free from their current addiction.

RU Outpatient Program Provides:

  • One hour weekly group counsel
  • 2 ½ hour weekly addiction abstinence/behavioral modification training class
  • Journal development for the duration of the program
  • Ten principles to develop abstinence
  • Ten statutes for lifestyle structure
  • Nine temperaments to obtain freedom

For information on the RU Outpatient Program stop by our meeting this Friday or contact RU Ypsilanti for additional information.


The purpose of this plan is to increase the level of structure in the life of the student and require more accountability to the Reformers Unanimous Director and (his/her) leadership.

The student is required to have a meeting with the RU Director before beginning RU Plus in order to understand all components of the program.


  • One hour weekly group counsel
  • 2 ½ hour weekly addiction abstinence/behavioral modification training class
  • 1 hour weekly individual counseling
  • Journal development for the duration of the program
  • Taught the importance of commitment, responsibility and following structure that is set up by authority
  • Completion of personal growth challenges monitored by an RU Plus staff member
  • Taught the importance of accountability, goals, and responsibilities of life
  • Detailed follow-up reporting with the recovering addict’s legal officials/probation officers


  • Weekly community service opportunities
  • Memorization of ten principles to Develop abstinence
  • Memorization of ten statutes for lifestyle structure
  • Memorization of nine temperaments to obtain freedom
  • Write 10 essays on various topics concerning various temptations that lead to addiction
  • Meet or exceed 107 personal challenges from the program director
  • Read at least 110 chapters of our class textbook
  • Memorization of 106 Bible verses

For additional information on the RU Plus program or to schedule an appointment contact RU Ypsilanti .


The Reformers Unanimous Residential Treatment Homes are an eight-month intensive recovery program for men and women with addictions. We provide a reconstructive learning atmosphere where the non-functioning addict can be trained in a supportive environment of rehabilitation consisting of: study, counsel, education, and work place training. Our homes can effectively help up to 100 men and 80 ladies at a time.

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The RU Homes Provide:

Student Intervention Plan

The Student Intervention Plan is the basis for all training in the homes it is a determination of “areas of concern” including concerns with addiction, society, emotional, spiritual, physical and correctional.

Phase Chart

The RUI School of Discipleship operates using a four-phase program. The phases monitor progress through the RU program, and tracks student’s progress through required reading and the results of counseling sessions.


Students of the program receive counseling in groups on weekdays and individually bi-weekly.

Evening Classes

Evening classes are provided to provide a mixture of: education, information, occupation and relaxation.

Weekend Classes

College level classes are provided weekly for student and include: theology, financial management, health and nutrition, basic computer skills, auto mechanics, driver’s safety training, and childcare.

The Work Program

Each student volunteers in some capacity for 8 hours every weekday. Hard work develops character which is vital to making right decisions once a student has finished the program.

Discharge Summary

Every student receives a discharge summary summarizing concerns for the student at the time of admission, the student’s progress in those areas, and the recommendations for aftercare for the student.

The RUI Aftercare Plan give students an effective plan for continuing sobriety through:

  1. Determining 3 most important goals they have worked on while in the program
  2. Determining areas of concern, goals, and intervention plans that demand their attention such as: sobriety, medical, legal, educational/vocational, social, spiritual, marital/relational.

For additional information on the RU Plus program or to schedule an appointment contact RU Ypsilanti.