For The Incarcerated

Reformers Institutional Program (RIP)

Reformers Institutional ProgramReformers Unanimous Institutional Program exists to help believers in jails, prisons, and institutional treatment programs develop experiential freedom in the midst of confinement. We accomplish this by urging the believer toward personal intimacy with the one who cannot leave them or forsake them. We utilize proven resources that nurture their nature through personal discipleship, group counsel and individual burden bearing.

Approximately 70 percent of people incarcerated in prisons and jails have used drugs regularly during their lifetime as compared with about 9 percent of the general population. In addition drug related crimes cost an estimated 107 billion dollars in the US annually. Despite these alarming statistics only an estimated 20 percent of U.S. inmates with addictions receive some treatment while incarcerated, and of those treatment options few have the only real answer Jesus Christ.

The RIP program is based on the same format and concept of the adult RU program. There are two ways to get involved in the RIP program:
1) On site implementation of the program at the actual prison
2) Through a correspondence program administered by our RU staff

If you know someone who might be interested in the RIP, please contact us with contact information of the individual.

Please take a moment to read the letters and watch the videos of actual RIP graduates and officials who recommend the RIP program.